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23 Jul 2021  (574 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

The right and wrong conclusions from the statistics
Several people have given their interpretation of the following table (see below). Some are right (logical) and others are not.

Right conclusions:
1) Vaccination does not stop infections

4) The statistics do not reflect the full picture as some infected people are not detected. 

Wrong conclusions:
2) It is more dangerous to be vaccinated as more people get infected than the unvaccinated people

3) There is no need to get vaccination because only 2.2% develop serious illness.

Here are my comments:

1) It is true that vaccination does not stop infections, but the table shows that none of the vaccination people develop serious illness after being infected.

2) This is a wrong conclusion because the statistics do not show the number of people in each category that have been exposed to the virus. 

3) The risk of 2.2% of developing a serious illness is high. It could lead to a high death rate.

4) This is correct. However, these cases are likely to be mild. All serious cases are probably captured, as they have to see a doctor.

It is better for people who are not able to interpret the statistics properly to listen to the interpretations of the experts. They should not try to be smart and interpret the statistics wrongly and reach wrong conclusions.

Tan Kin Lian

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