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18 Jul 2021  (463 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Do not judge others based on one's selfish perspective
I expressed the view that the restrictions that are imposed recently in respect to the KTV clusters are hasty and are unnecessary at this time. It may be necessary if the condition worsen in the future.

Someone, called X made this remark - I am sure if you (TKL) have a medical condition that makes you ineligible for the vaccines your opinion would be different.

TKL - Do not be personal. We have to think of the population as a whole and not be distracted by individual situations.

X - I am not being personal. We must always protect the most vulnerable if we are to be a progressive society. I find it disheartening that you prefer to push the responsibility to the weak individuals to take precautions when this really should be a collective effort by everyone. 

TKL - I do not like to have the whole economy locked down and many livelihoods destroyed. 

TKL - Some people do not want to be vaccinated because of their personal preference, belief or stubbornness, rather than listen to the experts. They cannot expect other people to get locked down, so that they can be safe.

X -  it is a very poor argument saying we should put economy before public health. Also you are changing the argument. There may be silly people like there that wasn’t my point. 

TKL - Do not be arrogant and judge people who hold a different opinion from yours.

TKL - I will now answer your question - what would TKL think if he has a medical condition that make him ineligible for a vaccine. My answer is - I would stay indoors and avoid all contacts with other people. I do not expect other people to stay indoors and lose their livelihood for my sake. You (X) may think differently, but that is your freedom to think your way. 

X has made several personal remarks which are uncalled for. She should avoid judging other people based on her thinking and presume that other people will take the same (selfish) approach as she did. 

Tan Kin Lian

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