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18 Jul 2021  (408 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Do not take hasty actions out of panic

The KTV clusters have got out of control. 120 people have already been infected. More cases are expected in the coming days. 

Most people fear the worst. 

I hold a different view. 

I saw the data that the number of severe cases (i.e.covid patients that require oxygen supplement in hospital) has actually dropped over the past days. 

it seems, for the time being, that the infections are mild.

It is possible that this number of severe cases may increase in the coming days. Most people that I know assume that it will be the case.

But it is also possible that the number of severe cases may not increase, and the crisis may blow over.

I want to address this other possibility, although most people disagree with me. 

I believe that it is hasty to take the actions to close the food centers, fishery port, market, border and other places. 

I would prefer to let things continue for a while longer before we take these drastic actions.

These actions also have their negative consequences - as it affects the livelihood of many people and could lead to depression, violence and suicide. These consequences have to be considered as well.

For example, many people blamed the authority for not closing the border and allowing the Vietnam woman, who was the index case of the recent KTV clusters, to come into Singapore. 

I learned from a media report that she came into Singapore in February, which was five months ago. She caught the covid in Singapore and did not bring the virus from Vietnam. 

It could be any local person who was the index case.

Closing the border, which could have negative consequences on the tourism industry and on the economy, would not have prevented this cluster.

We should not take hasty actions out of panic. Instead, we should take some time to monitor the situation and gather the facts. 

Tan Kin Lian

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