12 Jul 2021  (378 Views)
Build a core of local workers to do essential work

It is important for certain types of jobs to be done by locals, so that we are not over dependent on foreign workers. 

Examples of the jobs are nursing and construction worker. 

Someone pointed out the risk on over reliance on foreign workers during times of hostility. 

If there is hostility and the foreign worker return home, where are the workers that can take care of repair of roads and buildings that are damaged?

Few locals will want to take up these jobs as the remuneration and working conditions are unattractive and they have to compete with foreign workers who are willing to work at lower wages. These jobs do require several years of training to develop the required skills.

I suggest the following approach to overcome this problem.

a) Appoint several local firms to develop and retain a core of these essential workers, e.g. public hospitals and local construction firms.

b) These appointed firms should recruit apprentice who can acquire the skills over a few years and be guaranteed of jobs that pay quite well. These apprentices do not need to go to polytechnic or university. Instead, they can work on the jobs immediately after secondary schools.

c) Give an option for NS men to work in the construction sector. After completing NS, they can continue in the career and enjoy a good wages.

I hope that the ministers will consider this suggestion. We have to build up a core of local works to carry out essential work.

We can use foreign workers to do some of the essential work, but we should not be over reliant on the foreign workers.

Tan Kin Lian

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