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08 Jul 2021  (470 Views) 
Out of the box

Registration of visitors to commercial buildings and condominiums
I saw a large sign that requires visitors to register at the security guard before they visit a condominium.

What is the purpose of registering visitors to a condo? Is it to stop terrorists or criminals? To control access? To stop the visitors from using the facilities?

I even hear the ridiculous explanation - for security to call the visitor in case there is a fire in the building.

There is a similar requirement for visitors to register before they enter a commercial building. They also have to give their mobile number. 

I find these requirements to be useless, wasting of effort and adding to the cost. In short, they are insane. 

I can understand the need for this requirement for a high security area, such as a military base or a top secret research place, but I cannot see the need for this kind of security in a commercial building or a condominium.

If there is a real risk of terrorism or crime, it is better to keep a watchful eye, rather than to register the visitors. Quite likely, the criminals will not give their true identity.

Today, we have security cameras in the entrances and the public areas. Surely, the cameras are already adequate to trace any criminals?

I hope that the people in charge think about the need for this useless process. They should identify the real risks and take suitable measures to deal with them. They should not impose requirements that are troublesome and useless. 

Tan Kin Lian

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