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04 Jul 2021  (488 Views) 
Political systems

Freedom of speech
This is hypothetical.

Joe Biden is now the president of United States.

There is now a big demonstration in Washington in the vicinity of the seat of Congress. The demonstrators call for a change to the US constitution. They want to get rid of the gridlock that is paralyzing the nation. They want the urgent social and economic problems to be addressed. 

The demonstrators became violent. They started to riot, loot and damage public and private property. 

The authority suspected that the demonstrators are being funded by an unfriendly foreign power that seek to weaken the United States. 

What should Joe Biden do?  

Should he respect the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression? 

Is it time for him to call in the state law enforcement agencies. Should he call in the National Guard?

What is a leading politician in another country describe it as "a beautiful sight to behold" ?

Here is my answer. 

There is a line between freedom of speech and behavior that threatens the security, law and order or challenges the constitution of a country.

Joe Biden has to call in the law enforcement agencies.

The leaders of any country has to take similar action to protect the integrity of the country. This right is not confined to the United States alone.

Tan Kin Lian

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