17 Jun 2021  (292 Views)
Covid statistics for 10 Asian countries

The table below shows the results for 10 Asian countries and for Singapore:

- Death per 1000 covid cases 13.8 (SG 0.5)
- Death per million population: 223 (SG 6)
- Test per 100 population: 23 (SG 217)
- Cases per 1000 tests: 41.9 (SG 4.9)

Singapore carried out more tests relative to population, have a lower positive rate per test and a lower death rate per case. Why?

Singapore tested its population as intensively as Hong Kong, ie. over 200%, but has a death rate of only one quarter of Hong Kong. Why?

Malaysia has a death rate (relative to population) of 20X of Singapore and a test positive rate that is 10X of Singapore. Why?


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