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07 Jun 2021  (643 Views) 
Out of the box

Deal with real problems
We should not ignore problems. But we should not over react to problems that may not arise. 

Some of the potential problems are:

a) Increase in racial tensions
b) Serious spread of covid infection

Over reaction to potential problems also have its consequences and costs. It will divert our attention away from the real problems 

I will share some examples.

Recently, there was a viral video about a Chinese making a racist comment to an Indian who is counting another Chinese.  This video was taken to reflect a strong racist tendency in Singapore. 

I believe that this incident is isolated. They are many examples of inter marriages in Singapore. They are well accepted.

Indeed, some people suspect that the incident could be faked and created for sensational purpose.

I shared the same view. Someone commented against my view and stated that we should not ignore problems.

I replied that it was an isolated incident and does not reflect the views of the majority of the Chinese. We should distinguish between a small problem and a big problem and act when it becomes a big problem. 

We should not over react, as it also has its consequences and costs.

I quote another example concerning our reaction to the covid situation in Singapore. 

I observed that the covid situation is quite mild in Singapore. The government leaders are worried that the infection can get serious, as they saw the heavy toll in several countries. The ministers implemented severe restrictions.

Some people have complained that they acted too slowly and too leniently.

I hold a different view. I find that the restrictions were hasty and too severe. Indeed, it has caused a lot of damage to businesses and the livelihood of many people.

The people who advocated the strong measures may not realize about the harmful economic consequence of taking the strong actions.

It is a matter of judgment. 

I want to quote this as an example about dealing with a real problem, and not over reacting to a problem that may not arise.

Tan Kin Lian

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