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05 Jun 2021  (472 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Helping Malaysia to cope with the current covid crisis
Malaysia is now facing a crisis in coping with large scale covid infection and deaths. 

Singapore can lend a hand to help Malaysia to cope with this crisis.


Last year, Singapore suffered a large scale infection of the foreign workers. Large numbers were found to be infected with the virus.

We set up separate facilities to deal with the infected persons. The infected people were isolated, observed and treated in these facilities. After the incubation period, most of the infected people were cleared of the virus and released from the treatment center.

We have large numbers of beds, partitions and devices that are not being used now, as the infections had dropped to low levels.

We can donate these equipments for use by Malaysia.

We can help Malaysia to set up the special treatment centers using their sports and community centers and halls. The infected patients can be treated at these special facilities and will relieve the patient load on the general hospitals.

These facilities are dedicated for the treatment of the covid disease. It is easy to manage and supervise a dedicated center.  The hospital workers can be protected with special gear and their duty is confined only to provide the testing and treatment of the covid patients.

It is not suitable to use a general hospital to treat the covid patients, as there is the risk of spreading the infection to the other patients and hospital workers. 

While Malaysia is able to buy the equipments from the market, it will take time. As these equipment are already available in Singapore, and are not being used now, they can be transferred to the special centers in Malaysia within a few days. 

Singapore can also provide the medical workers to help in operating these special centers and to train the Malaysians workers to take over. 

I believe that this help will be greatly beneficial to Malaysia and will be appreciated by their government and people. 

I hope that our government leaders make this offer of assistance immediately..

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Tan Kin Lian

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