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19 May 2021  (638 Views) 
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Difficult to use Trace Together for Safe Entry
I visited a pet shop. They require me to use SingPass for safe entry recording. 

When I scan the QR code of the outlet with SingPass app, I was told to download and use the Trace Together app. I already had it installed.

The TraceTogether app asked me to validate my mobile phone. They asked me to enter the OTP that was sent to my mobile phone.

The OTP did not arrive. 

I tried the process again. The OTP did not arrive.  I was not able to complete the Safe Entry process.

Fortunately for me, the outlet did not check that I had made the safe entry.

I have, for the past year, said that the Safe Entry is badly designed and troublesome. Worse, it is not useful. 

The experience that I encountered today reinforced my belief. I lament the idiotic and useful protocol that is being forced on the population.  

When will the people in charge wake up and see what is really happening?

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - do you agree that the people in charge design useless and troublesome protocol? 

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