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17 May 2021  (419 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Vaccinated people do not need to wear mask

The CDC of America has made this announcement. 

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a face mask or stay 6 feet away from others in most settings, whether outdoors or indoors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in updated public health guidance released Thursday.

There are a handful of instances where people will still need to wear masks — in a health-care setting or at a business that requires them — even if they’ve had their final vaccine dose two or more weeks ago, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told reporters at a press briefing. Fully vaccinated people will also still need to wear masks on airplanes, buses, trains and other public transportation, she said. 

Is the CDC taking a big risk, as the vaccine is not totally effective and some vaccinated people may catch the virus.

Here is my view about the risk.

Although there is a small percentage of vaccinated people who may be infected, the virus is likely to be mild. They will not cause any serious illness. The mild virus may also, in most cases, be non contagious.

Weighing the risk, the CDC has decided that it is not necessary to require vaccinated people to wear a mask, except for a few instances, e.g. in the plane or in public transport. 

I agree with their assessment. 

I also think that the same ruling should be applied in Singapore. The risk of vaccinated people falling sick and spreading the virus is low. There is no need to impose on them the trouble of wearing mask, which impedes their daily lives and activities. 

I wish to point out that the virus is more prevalent in America than in Singapore. If their authority has decided that the risk is low, it should be even lower in Singapore. 

I hope that the ministerial task force follow the decision of the CDC and exempt vaccinated people from the requirement to wear a mask when outdoors. 

This will also remove the current paranoia in Singapore. Each day, when the government reports 1 or 2 dozen community cases, it causes a panic among the people. This is insane.

Tan Kin Lian


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