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17 Apr 2021  (490 Views) 
Political systems

Under the leadership of the Communist Party
For many years, I held the view that the political system adopted in communist countries is a better system. 

In a communist country, the constitution provides that the country has to be run "under the leadership of the communist party". This requires the leaders to be elected by the members of the communist party.

The alternative is the political system adopted in democracies where the leaders are elected by all the citizens who have the right to vote.

While the "democratic system" appears to be fairer and a better system, I observed the following flaws:

a) The majority of the voters are not aware of the issues affecting the country and are not able to vote in the right leaders.

b) The system of universal suffrage results in political gerrymandering and corrupt practices to win elections.

c) Voters in many countries become disillusioned and prefer not to vote (as they felt that their vote do not matter). In some countries, voting has to be made compulsory.

d) The elected leaders tend to make decisions in the interest of their political party, rather than what is good for the country as a whole.

What is the alternative system, which is described as "under the leadership of the communist party"?

Here are the key features:

a) Those who are interested in politics and in serving the country will join as a member of the communist party.

b) They will be screened to be accepted as a member. I find this to be acceptable. The party wants its members to be loyal to the party, and by extension, to the country, and to work for the interest of the people at large and not for personal selfish interest.

c) Within the communist party system, the leaders are elected at various levels by the elected people at the next lower level. This ensures, to a large extent, that they are elected by people who knows them through working with them. It is more likely that the most capable people will be elected.

d) Within the party, decisions will be taken based on their merits and not on "party lines". Leaders would be elected on their character and personal merits and not on "party affiliation". 

The communist party system also have its flaws. It could lead to corruption and abuse of power. This has occurred on many occasions in past years in many countries under communism.

Corruption could be addressed by an effective government. Some communist countries, notably China, had addressed this weakness effectively. When the system runs effectively, with minimal corruption, it could produce good results. It has. 

I find that the age of the internet and social media contributes greatly to the eradication of corruption under the communist system. If any government official acts corruptly, their wrong doings would be spread widely and corrective action would be taken.

I held, over the years, that the communist party system is better in electing the right leaders and for the right national policies to be adopted. The success of China which operates "under the leadership of the communist party" reinforces my observation and belief.

Tan Kin Lian

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