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17 Apr 2021  (744 Views) 

why is the China political system not adopted by other developing countries?
Someone posed this question - If the Chinese system is so effective, why does it only work in China and isn't being adopted by other developing nations?

I will answer the question.

What is the effective aspect of the China political system? We have to look at the tremendous progress made by China over the past three decades when they implemented the reform of their economy.

The economic progress outclassed every other country, including the developed countries of the west. 

China lifted 850 million people out of poverty during the past thirty years.   

This is achieved under the political system in China, which is described as "under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party".

The political system was able to provide capable leaders who can run the country effectively in all aspects of the development of the country. The government achieved the highest score of trust among its people, compared to all other countries in the world.

Why is this system not followed by other developing countries?

I can think of two reasons:

a) Many of the people in other countries are not aware of the merits of the political system in China. . They still think of the communist system in a negative light, due to decades of propaganda by the western media.

b) Many leaders of countries following the democratic system work for their personal interest, rather than the interest of the common people. They have a vested interest to maintain their existing system. Furthermore, it would be a gigantic task to reform the political system to follow China.

Each country will need to take the time and find its way to reform its political system to be more effectively. China can provide a model, but it requires the political will of the leaders and the people to make such a gigantic change.

Tan Kin Lian


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