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18 Mar 2021  (495 Views) 
Out of the box

Simplify password
Many website administrators have troublesome requirements for their passwords. They specify certain requirement about the passwords. Some asked for the passwords to be changed at regular intervals.

These administrators does not seem to realize that the users have to manage passwords at several hundred websites. They cannot remember the passwords that they used. Some of the websites are visited infrequently.

I prefer that the password for each website be left entirely to the user. There should be no restriction on the length or format of the password. There should be no requirement for the password to be changed. 

Most users would prefer to use the same password - so that it can be remembered.

There is the risk that the password may be exposed, and if the same password is used, the hacker may be able to use it to access other websites.

In reality, most websites are unimportant. Even if the hacker can access the website, he cannot do much with it.

There are a few billion users around the world. Why would any hacker want to bother with any individual user, unless there is malicious intent to harm that user.

Google keeps reminding me that I am using the same password for several websites and that the password has been "compromised". So what? I don't think any hacker will bother to access these compromised accounts.

I hope that Google take a more relaxed and sane approach to this issue.

I am only concerned about my bank account, security account or other websites that have financial impact. I do not want any hacker to access these websites. 

These high security websites have introduced 2FA (second level authentication). Even if the password is hacked, the hacker does not have the 2FA token. It is indeed quite safe.

Anyway, many websites now allow the user to use their Google, Facebook or Apple authentication to access the website. It is not very secure anyway, but it serves its purpose.

I hope that website administrators take a relaxed attitude towards the password and allow the user to set any length or format. Let the user decide if he wishes to take the trouble to use unique passwords or to change it regularly. It should not be imposed on the user.

Tan Kin Lian

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