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14 Mar 2021  (589 Views) 

Transfer to new OPPO phone
I bought a new OPPO phone.
I have to transfer the data and apps from the old phone to the new phone.
I had trouble.
I went to Oppo website and entered a live chat.
The service from Oppo is excellent!
The help staff responded to me immediately. 
He advised me to use the Clone Phone app in the old phone and the new phone. 
It worked well.

I commend Oppo for their excellent customer service. 
I did not have to wait for someone to attend to me. 
I do not have to go through all types of troublesome process to get help.

Their service beats the customer service of most large organizations that I deal with. 
The most troublesome organizations are the government agencies in Singapore and the large commercial companies in Singapore. 
These troublesome organizations should learn from the process used by Oppo.

Well done, Oppo.

Tan Kin Lian

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