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01 Jun 2018
Ministry of Finance
Negative View - 265
Foolish to impose GST burden

Foolish for PAP government to collect GST

Governments in many countries like GST because the cost of collection is low for the government. They do not care that the burden and cost of collecting this tax is being borne by the business sector and ultimately is paid by the ordinary people. 

The cost of collecting GST adds to the burden that is already being suffered by the people at large. 

Furthermore, GST is a regressive tax and hurts the low income people much more than the higher income people. 

It is extremely foolish for the governments to think in this short sighted way. They should look at the overall cost borne by all parties, rather than the cost to the government. 

The government should also be aware and take into account that GST adds to the cost of doing business and make a country uncompetitive in the international market. 

It will be wise for a government to avoid GST, if they can raise the revenue from other sources. 

The Singapore government already raises revenue from land sale, sale of property, sale of cars and from foreign workers levy. They can afford to abolish GST and reduce the burden for the people.

It is extremely foolish of the PAP government to continue to impose the GST burden on the people. 

Tan Kin Lian

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