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14 Nov 2020  (449 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Who spreads the corona virus?
So far, we do not know much about how the corona virus is spread.

It seems that the harmful virus are spread by the "super spreaders" but that, in most cases, the virus is spread in a way that is not harmful.

I will pay attention and do some research on this topic. 

In the meantime, let me use my common sense to put forth a hypothesis.

My hypothesis is that the super spreader are symptomatic. I think that this coincides with common sense. If the infected person is symptomatic, he (or she) is likely to have a heavy load of the virus and is likely to spread it more effectively.

It also means that the asymptomatic person has the virus and can spread it, but the spread is limited and is likely to be not harmful.

If this hypothesis is correct (and I need to get some more research to verify it), then we need a new strategy to stop the spread.

This new strategy is:

a) Stop the contact tracing - it is a waste of resources and a distraction from a more effective strategy.

b) Pay more attention to looking for the symptomatic people. They are infected and have the potential to spread the virus in a harmful manner.

It means - focus on temperature taking. Provide more self service temperature stations at many locations. Encourage people to take their temperature a few times a day. 

If they have a temperature (or other symptoms), have a service for them to go for a test for the virus. The tests should be provided free to them.

The funds that are now spent on safe entry recording and contact tracing can be diverted towards testing of the symptomatic cases. 

I need to look for more evidence and research findings to test if my hypothesis is correct. If you have any reports on this matter, please share it.

Agree or not?

Tan Kin Lian

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