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10 Nov 2020  (359 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Safe entry - a waste of manpower
I see so many people being employed on safe entry at supermarkets, malls and major retail outlets. 

From my observation, the operation is a waste of manpower. There is little spread of the coronavirus now. 

Even if the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, I cannot see how the safe entry records can really help in contract tracing. The data is likely to be not useful.

If this is the case, why are we putting so many people into this operation?

There is also the possibility of setting up self service booths for people to take the temperature and safe entry recording.

Someone said - the safe entry operation is a way to create employment. If this job is not available, the people will be unemployed. 

This is not the case. 

If the people are not employed in the safe entry operation, they can be doing some other work that are now being done by foreign workers - such as landscape, road repairs and other outdoor work.

Our locals do not like the outdoor work because of the low pay and the uncomfortable working condition. These negative factors can be addressed. We can pay a rate of $15 an hour and allow them to work in the hours of the day that is not hot.

The outdoor work may be unsuitable for elderly people, who are now employed in the safe entry operations. I agree.

But I have seen, in many places, younger people who are involved in the safe entry operations. If we give them a comfortable job (although it may be useless) and good pay, they will not be interested to do the outdoor work that are more useful.

We should use our manpower resources more usefully.

Do you agree?

Tan Kin Lian

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