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07 Nov 2020  (789 Views) 
Political systems

Why I changed my views about Donald Trump and the PAP
When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, I supported him. He wanted to "drain the swamp".

I felt that American needed a new kind of leader - one who is willing to change the system to address the big challenges that they face in their society and economy.

After his election, President Trump brought into the government his own swamp, which was much worse that the swamp that existed before. 

He did bring into the cabinet some outstanding ministers (called secretaries of the respective departments). Most of them resigned within a year or two. They were replaced by less remarkable people.

It was clear to me, after a year, that Trump was bad for America, bad for the people and bad for the world. I changed my view about Trump and expressed them publicly.

There were many people in Singapore that continued to support Trump. Some even idolized him. 

We need to open our eyes and see what is happening in front of us. If we need to, we have to change our views.

I adopt the same approach in my assessment of the Peoples' Action Party in Singapore. They were a good party, and good for the people in the early years. I changed my views about the PAP in the late 1980s. I felt that they had become bad for Singapore and bad for the people.

Sadly, the PAP will last much longer than Donald Trump.

Tan Kin Lian


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