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02 Nov 2020  (497 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Express bus services
On average, a bus makes 50 stops to travel 20 km and takes 2 hours. The average distance between bus stops is 0.4 km.

I suggest that the service stop at every 2 km. A journey of 20 km will make 10 stops. 

The commuter can alight from the bus at the major stop (every 2 km) and take a local service for the intermediate stops.

I assume that the average journey is 10 km and the travel time is 1 hour under the existing structure.

Under the new arrangement, the average journey time will reduce to 45 mins, comprising of 30 mins on the express portion and (say) 15 mins on the intermediate sections.

If the travel time can be reduced by 25%, the operating cost of the entire bus system can reduce by 25%. This savings is worth pursuing.

A typical journey can comprise of a local service to the main stop, tranfer to the express service, and a transfer back to the local service. This may involve 1 or 2 transfers (but they are done at the same bus stop) and  the travel time can be cut down by 25%.

Do you like this arrangement?

Tan Kin Lian

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