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24 Oct 2020  (600 Views) 
Movement for change

GST increases the cost of living
One sinkie is happy with gst. She said - I can go to the market or a small stall and buy what I want and do not pay gst. I like GST.

She does not realize that the vendor has to pay GST on the goids that they buy to sell to her. Not only that, the price charged by the supplier also includes the cost of employing people to do GST accounting.

That is why the cost of living in Singapore is so much higher than in other nearby countries, and even compared to developed countries.

Singapore has high cost of doing business and that adds to the high cost of living.

Many workers do not earn enough to afford the cost of living. they find it a big struggle to meet the high living expenses.

There are many reasons for this high cost of living. GST and the cost of GST accounting is just one of them.

Do you think this Sinkie is an idiot?

Tan Kin Lian

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