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18 Oct 2020  (361 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

The second wave will not be serious
There is a large spike of coronavirus infection in America. It is being described as the " second wave".

Although the new cases soared, the daily life deaths remained at a moderate level.

What is the reason for this large increase in bew cases?

I watched a video interview with a medical doctor of a large hospital in America. He said that the hospital is now testing every patient who is admitted for all kinds of reason, and not specific to symptoms of coronavirus.

In most of these cases, the virus is mild and will not lead to any serious complication.

What he did not say is something that I am aware of. In America, the hospital is allowed to claim a larger payment from the government for publicly funded treatment of coronavirus cases.

My common sense tells me that the private hospitals in America will have the incentive to report as many coronavirus cases as they can "justify".
I am not alarmed at the second wave of infection. I think the number of deaths will remain at a modest level. It is insane to reintroduce your lockdown in America all extend the circuit breaker in Singapore.

Tan Kin Lian

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