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30 Sep 2020  (432 Views) 
Movement for change

WFAO - Work from alternative office

My friend said that his company in Jakarta is opening up alternate offices for their workers to work at locations closer to their homes.

They called the scheme - Work From Alternate Office.

I asked why don't they allow the employees to work from home?

He said that many of the employees' home are small and are not conducive to work. They may have poor internet connection, or there may be interruption by family members.

The managers may find it practical to work from home, but not the ordinary workers.

They open many alternate offices in the outskirts of Jakarta. The workers can work in these offices - usually one that is close to their homes. It save them on the travel time to the office in central Jakarta. It helps to reduce the traffic congestion and travel time.

Tan Kin Lian

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