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16 Jul 2020  (379 Views) 
Political systems

Time to get rid of GRCs

It is an anomaly. Life can produce unexpected and spectacular results.

The PAP created the GRC system to preserve their hold on power. They think that they will win all the GRCs with strong ministers and allow the opposition parties to win a few SMCs.

But GE2020 produced an unexpected result.

9 seats were lost to the opposition in 2 GRCs. Only 1 seat was lost in a SMC, and that is in a SMC that has been held by the opposition for more than two decades.

All the PAP candidates, including the new candidates, won the other SMCs.

Maybe, the PAP will find a reason to scrap the GRC now and return to SMCs.

I hope that they get the message from GE2020 that the voters are tired of their gerrymandering.

The PAP should just be honest and respect the true wishes of the voters.

Tan Kin Lian


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