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10 Jul 2020  (355 Views) 
Movement for change

Take a positive approach
It is a common habit for people to take a negative approach towards any issue. This is reflected by:

a) Look for what is wrong
b) Imagine what could go wrong, even if the likelihood is remote
c) Create unnecessary fear.

It is possible to take a positive approach. This is reflected by

a) Look for what is right
b) See how the change can improve on the current situation
c) Create optimism towards the change.

There is a pervasive feeling that one has to be confident that the change will work, before they can express support for the change. I disagree with this approach.

I prefer to express support and confidence about the change, even though it may not be the perfect solution or may not be ready at this time.

Change does take time. We still have to overcome many obstacles ahead.

If the change does appear to be better than the current situation, we should express tentative support for the change, and work to sort out the obstacles.

This is how a positive approach can make things happen, and happen quite quickly.

Tan Kin Lian

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