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02 Jul 2020  (538 Views) 
Ministry of Finance

Why burden business with troublesome administrative work?
The government loves to calibrate their regulations to fine detail. In the process, they cause a big headache and administrative burden to businesses.

Businesses are already struggling. They can do without the additional burden.

I recall reading a report that a landlord has to give rental relief to their tenants to help them to overcome the economic crisis. 

I have to search the internet for the kind of relief to be provided and how it can be recovered from the government. 

I found this webpage.

It seems that I have to waive the rental from my tenant for two months and to seek a recovery of 0.68 months from the government. I was given 0.32 months in property tax relief. I have to bear the loss of one month rental.

Never mind the additional work. This government loves to calibrate and add the cost of calibration to the business community.

Tan Kin Lian 


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