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14 May 2020  (550 Views) 
Out of the box

A sense of proportion

When I present a view after careful research, some people (I shall not call them idiots) will come to contradict and challenge me.

I find it difficult to engage in a discussion with them. They cannot tell the difference between 20 deaths (in Singapore) and 3,000 deaths (in Wuhan). They think both are the same in severity.

They cannot tell the difference between $60 billion and $60 million. They think both amounts are the same in magnitude.

They think that it is all right to spend $60 billion to reduce the number of infected cases. What nonsense!

They have no sense of proportion. They can't tell what is big, what is small, what is important, what is not.

They make their argument on lofty principles like "every life is invaluable".

What to do? I delete their nonsense. They can post their views in he insane ministers' Facebook pages. Their views will be welcome there.

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