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12 May 2020  (598 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Deaths per million
A good indicator of the severity of the covid-19 virus is the death per million of population. 

Here are the figures, ranked by country that are most severely hit. Most of these countries are in Europe and North America, which has just passed through winter. 

The countries in South East Asia have low rates as they are in the warm climate. Australia also just passed through summer and have low rates as well.

Some of the countries with cold climates have low death rates due to better social discipline. They include South Korea, Japan and China. 

Sweden decided on avoiding a lockdown. Some people commented that this strategy failed as they have a high death rate. This is not correct. Their death rate is lower than countries that implemented a lockdown, including UK, Spain, Italy and France. 

Some people focused on the number of reported cases. I consider this indicator to be not useful as it depends on the extent of testing. Countries that did not do much testing tends to report fewer cases. 

Death per million of population
Spain 576
Italy 508
UK 472
France 408
Sweden 328
USA 247
Switzerland 215
Denmark 92
Germany 91
Brazil 55
Turkey 46
Norway 41
S Korea 5
Japan 5
Singapore 4
Australia 4
Indonesia 4
Malaysia 3
China 3
India  2

Tan Kin Lian

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