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10 May 2020  (666 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Stay Safe at Home
To stop the spread of the covid-19 virus, the government has introduced the circuit breaker and closed most workplaces and businesses. They compelled the people to stay at home and avoid going out for social activities. 

Most people support these measures. They consider that it is very important to stop the spread of the virus. They consider the heavy economic cost, which I estimated to be $60 billion, to be worth the saving of lives.

They do not realize that the conclusion is not as simple as it appears. 

The spread of the virus is only delayed by the circuit breaker measures. When the measures are relaxed, the virus will resume its transmission. The spread can be slowed down by strict enforcement of wearing of masks and social distancing measures. This will lead to a longer period when the virus will continue to be active. 

The circuit breaker measures also cause other health risks. By staying at home, many people will become less healthy through lack of exercise. 

Some experts said that the best way to combat the virus is to have strong immunity which is obtained through exercise and walking in the sunshine. Staying at home is harmful to them.

Staying at home may cause stress within the family among the adults who do not have their usual work and social activities. This could lead to family quarrels and violence. There are already reports of an increase in divorce actions in some countries. 

We should also consider any fact. The covid-19 virus is mild in Singapore. Although many people were infected, mainly among the foreign workers, only a small proportion need to be treated in hospital. Even fewer needs intensive care. The death rate is extremely low. 

The virus did not cause much harm in Singapore, as compared to countries with cold climates.

The economic cost and the loss of business and livelihood is horrendous. 

If we consider all the risks and benefits, it is difficult to justify the heavy cost of the circuit breaker measures. I believe that the political leaders made a mistake.

Most of the public blindly believed in the wisdom of their policies. If the look at the data and the facts, they may change their opinion.

Tan Kin Lian

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