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09 Apr 2020
Covid-19 crisis
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Circuit breaker in Singapore

The measures implemented under the 'circuit breaker' in Singapore are quite extreme. In some ways, it is more serious than a lockdown.

It disallow meeting of people who are not in the same household. It requires all non-essential workplaces to be closed for one month. It imposes stiff penalties for not following the social distancing rules. 

Most people think that this is unavoidable, given the spread of the infection in Singapore. 

I agree that we need to take measures to contain the spread, but I would prefer to adopt the measures in Taiwan. These measures include:

a) Mandatory wearing of face masks in public
b) Provide hand sanitizers in all public places
c) Provide stations for testing of the corona virus.
d) Community monitoring of the social distancing rules.
e) Use of phone records for contact tracing

I also prefer the temperature scanning to be done at all public places and to stop the manual recording of contact tracing details. Let the resources be diverted to preventive measures to contain the corona virus, such as those adopted in Taiwan.

More importantly, Taiwan did not mandate the closing down of workplaces, which cause a big disruption to the economy.

Never mind. We are now in 'circuit breaker' mode. We should take the next few weeks to implement the measures adopted successfully in Taiwan. Hopefully, they will help to contain the spread and allow the 'circuit breaker' to be disabled on 4 May.

Tan Kin Lian
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