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06 Apr 2020
Out of the box
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The faulty crystal ball

Earlier, I made a prediction that the global stock markets would make a recovery on 9 April. 

I said that I obtained the prediction from my 100 year old crystal ball. Now, it does appear that the crystal ball might be  wrong.

I asked my crystal ball again - why did you make a wrong prediction?

It said - blame LHL for triggering the circuit breaker and messing up the recovery.

Did LHL read my earlier post and now want to thwart it? Joking only, ok?

Anyway, my crystal ball said -  give me another month until 9 May for the recovery.

If it does not happen, you can retire me but put me in a comfortable corner of the shelf, ok? Do not forget my past service.  Remember, I am indeed older than Dr. M and should be accorded the same respect.

If I have to get a new crystal ball, should I order a hi-tech model from China? Will it be reliable? Or from Trump's America?

Tan Kin Lian

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