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21 Mar 2020  (651 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Do we need to re-think our strategy of dealing with this pandemic?

It seems that a large number of residents returning from Europe has been found to have the virus.

This suggests that the epidemic is already quite widespread in Europe.

If this is the case, and the number of deaths remain quite small (compared to the number of people dying from all other causes), the panic is probably overblown.

The covid-19 virus may be contagious, but many people are already infected. For most of them, the virus did not do much harm, and the body developed the immunity.

When the virus infect the older people and those with pre-existing medical condition, it may lead to serious illness and fatality, but many of them are already at risk from infection by other germs anyway (even if the covid-19 virus is not around).

If many people in Europe are already infected, what about the people in Singapore?

We have been able to catch several infected people through contact tracing.

What about the population at large. Can we assume that they do are not yet infected? This may be a false presumption.

How about sending a team to a MRT station or market and scan the temperature of everyone there. For those with fever, we should send them for a swab testing to see if they have the virus.

It may be possible that we can catch a large number of infected people in that way.

If this is already the case, we need to rethink our containment strategy.

We should avoid contact between young and old people, because the virus is harmful to the old people. This is a point put forward by this minister from Israel, as stated in this video:

Tan Kin Lian


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