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17 Mar 2020  (531 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Putting the deaths from corona virus in perspective
The fear of the corona virus is overblown. I wish to share some statistics to put this risk in perspective. 

Each year 3 million people die from pneumonia. The corona virus had caused 7,000 deaths in 3 months. Maybe it can reach 100,000 deaths for 2020. It is part of the 3 million.

Many of the people who die from the corona virus are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions. Most would have died from infection caused by other germs, if not by the corona virus. 

Each year, 10 million people die from cancer. There is also no cure for cancer. Just like the corona virus.

Someone said that cancer is not infectious, but the corona virus is. That is correct. But the number of deaths from the "infectious corona virus" is still small, compared to cancer. 

The fear of the corona virus is overblown. In the future, we will leave with the corona virus (with or without a vaccine) and treat it like how cancer is treated. It is part of our lives.

Tan Kin Lian


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