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17 Mar 2020  (671 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

The fear about the corona virus is overblown
My friend shared a Facebook post from a university professor in South Korea. He said that he exercised daily at the gym and wash his hands several times a day. He still caught the corona virus. It was a mild infection, so he recovered and told his story.

Many fear mongers shared the story to suggest how dangerous the corona virus is. They are sending the wrong message. 

The real message is that the professor caught the virus and it was a mild infection. He recovered from it quite easily. There is no need to panic when one is infected.

According to the medical reports, 80% of the people who were hospitalized for treatment were discharged after a few days. The infection was mild and the virus was removed after treatment. 20% had to be treated under intensive care. Of this 20%, only 20% die from the virus. The fatality rate is around 4%.

There is another statistic that is not captured. Many people may have already been infected by the virus, but it does not even appear as symptoms. Their body was able to get rid of the virus, so they do not even appear as being infected. 

Most of the fatal cases were the elderly or had pre-existing medical conditions. A few were somehow more susceptible to the virus. Many of them could probably have died from pneumonia caused by other germs, if it was not caused by the corona virus. 

Each year, 3 million people die from pneumonia globally. Those caused by the corona virus represents only a small percentage of these deaths. 

The fear about the corona virus is overblown. Nevertheless, it is good to take precautions and follow good personal hygiene.

Tan Kin Lian


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