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15 Mar 2020  (467 Views) 
Out of the box

A new way to generate priority in a queue
Over 200 people registered in the queue to received 20 prizes for the set of 6 TKL books.

The winners were determined by a ballot. The ballot is carried out by an online algorithm. The platform is developed by TKL.

Some people asked me for the secret behind the algorithm. Do I have to use a random number generator to pick the next available person in the queue? Do I have to carry out this algorithm continuously until all the participants are picked?

I share this "secret". The algorithm is easier to use.

To prove that the algorithm is fair and transparent, I actually carried out the balloting three times. The first two times are trial. The third is the actual draw.

The auditor is able to see that the winners for the three ballots are in random order.

My platform is available for any organization to use to generate the priority for the registered participants. They do not have to wait for hours or days in the queue to get the higher priority.

This balloting can be done to generate the queue for a new property launch, new product launch, registration for primary school or for a restaurant to give discount vouchers to the people in the front of the queue.

If you are interested to use this platform, send an email to It is free.

Tan Kin Lian


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