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15 Mar 2020  (491 Views) 
Covid-19 crisis

Climate play a big part in the spread of the virus

An international media praised Singapore, HK and Taiwan for their successful effort in containing the spread of the virus.

Singapore 29 C
Hong Kong 18 C
Taiwan 18 C

Wuhan 13 C
Milan, Italy 7 C
Teheran, Iran 12 C
Berlin 1 C
Paris 8 C
New York 10 C
Seoul 6 C

Kuala Lumpur 30 C
Jakarta 28 C
Bangkok 30 C

No of people infected
Singapore 212
Malaysia 238
Indonesia 96
Thailand 82
Taiwan 43
Hong Kong 142

The other countries in South East Asia that do not adopt stringent measures in combating the spread also have low infection (OK, maybe they are not screening enough, but the deaths are also low).

I think the climate is the bigger factor in determining the spread of the virus.

Tan Kin Lian

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