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12 Feb 2020
Singapore Police Force
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Security barriers effective in deterring intrusions

We thank Mr Andrew Seow Chwee Guan and Mr Chan Whye Shiung for their feedback (Security barriers deter only certain groups; and Floating barriers off Pasir Ris an eyesore, both on Feb 4).

Singapore has an open coastline and is vulnerable to security threats coming from the maritime domain, such as intrusions by terrorists, illegal immigrants or other hostile actors.

The Police Coast Guard (PCG) adopts a multi-pronged approach to protect Singapore's coastline, which includes surveillance, patrolling and putting preventive measures in place to deter illegal intrusions and landings.

Floating sea barriers in the water and fences along the coast are examples of such preventive measures.

There have been cases where the floating sea barriers and fences successfully prevented unauthorised vessels or persons from further entering Singapore, allowing PCG officers to intercept and apprehend them.

In setting up the floating sea barriers or fences, a diverse set of requirements are taken into consideration, such as the suitability of the terrain, navigational safety, environmental protection and space required for water recreational activities. PCG also consults relevant agencies beforehand, such as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the National Parks Board, as well as land stakeholders such as the owners and management of buildings and facilities on the shore fronts.

The terrorism threat to Singapore remains high, and it is important that these measures are taken to protect our country.

The PCG will continue working with all stakeholders to address any feedback and concerns, without compromising the maritime security of Singapore.

Tan Mei Fer (Superintendent)
Assistant Director, Public Communications Division
Public Affairs Department
Singapore Police Force


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