06 Feb 2020  (382 Views)
Do not try to act "clever" when you are not

When somebody gives a suggestion to improve a situation and I agree with the concept generally, I support it.

I do not "modify" that suggestion on minor details. I am not that "clever".

I feel tired about people who try to show that they are "clever" when in fact they are quite stupid. These stupid people think that they can judge other people when their sense sense of judgment is flawed.

We have many of this kind of people in Singapore, It must be the result of our education system.

I would not agree with a view when I have fundamental reasons against it. It has to be a significant disagreement, rather than a minor "adjustment".

For example, I say "reduce full time national service to one year". Some "smart" people will argue that it has to be slightly longer than one year.

These people do not know that I have done a lot of research on the approach taken by several other countries before I come to my conclusion. They give their opinion without proper research or understanding. I consider their view to be "shallow".

Tan Kin Lian


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