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Respect the constitution of a country

In Thailand, it is against the law to show disrespect to the monarchy.

In America, the people are required to respect the constitution which entrenches freedom, democracy and human rights. 

Fair enough. These requirements are accepted by the citizens in these countries. 

In China, the constitution entrenches the communist system and places the communist party as the leading authority. This constitution is also accepted by the citizens.

It is not the business of other countries to question how China should organize its internal affairs. 

The Communist Party of China has shown that it is able to bring a higher standard of living for the people and to bring 800 million people out of poverty.  A democratic system along the American model will not bring this kind of results and will be unsuitable for China.

Most people agree that China does allow its people to express their views freely through the social media, but they are not allowed to challenge the role of the Communist Party.

I think that this restriction is necessary for the time being, knowing how some western powers are able to carry out subversion to destabilize other countries that are not aligned to them.

I think the communist system of government is good for China. It may be good for other countries as well, but this has to be decided by their own people. If the ordinary people wish to choose the communist system and follow the China model, they should be allowed to do so.

My statement also apply to the people of Singapore. We have to respect our constitution, even though it has been badly and unfairly changed by the ruling govt in recent years.

Tan Kin Lian


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