04 Feb 2020  (399 Views)
How to avoid the mess up in the Iowa caucus

The state of Iowa conducted a caucus (like an election) for the Democratic party members to select their candidate. It has a population of 3.1 million. Maybe the participants, being party members could be 500,000?

It was a big mess - also described as SNAFU (situation normal, all fouled up).

The New York Times explained it.

What is a good way to report the results? The app is a bad idea. It did not work. The telephone call is a bad idea. The lines got jammed up.

Why don't they consult me?

This is what I would do.

I would ask the caucus chair at each location to write the results on a piece of paper and signed it. Take a photo. end it by WhatsApp to the headquarters. Maybe there will be several WhatsApp groups for different zones.

The volunteer in charge of the WhatsApp group will enter the results into the server. Another volunteer will check the results. The entered results will be sent back by SMS to the caucus chair.

That's it.

Sure to work well.

Tan Kin Lian

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