04 Feb 2020  (416 Views)
Traffic crossings should be considerate to pedestrians

I walked 5.5 km from my home to place of work. On the route, I had to pass more than a dozen crossings, most of which are at the road junctions.

At some crossings on small roads, I had to wait more than two minutes for the green man to appear, even though the there are no vehicles at the crossing.  

The green man could appear earlier for the pedestrians to cross safely, provided that turning vehicles give way to pedestrians. I do not understand why the planners want to give the right of way to vehicles at the expense of pedestrians. 

I accept that at major roads, the pedestrians should have to wait longer to cross the road at the controlled crossings. However, the long wait at minor roads is unnecessary and inconsiderate to pedestrians.

This inconsiderate arrangement has its pitfalls. At a major road, I saw an elderly man walked slowly across the road when the light showed a red man. I felt that it was dangerous for him to cross the road in this manner. Perhaps, he must have been fed up with the long delay for the green man to appear.

I also observed that the there is a countdown when the green man appears. It seemed to ask the pedestrian to cross the road quickly.

However, there is no countdown to show when the red man will change to green. If there is a countdown, it would be clear that the wait is unduly long.

I conclude that the planners give long priority for the convenience of pedestrians and do not care if they have to wait a long time. This approach should be changed.

Tan Kin Lian

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