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04 Jan 2020
Immigration and Checkpoint Authority
Suggestion View - 470
Improve online process for renewal of passport

I went to the website to submit an online application for renewal of my passport.

There were detailed instruction on the website which was somewhat overwhelming. I was confused with the instruction to submit two passport size photographs.

I thought that I had to get a physical photograph and submit it online. How can it be done?

Apparently, they expect me to submit an image of the photo cropped to passport size.  This was not clear to me.

Surely, it would have been easier for them to ask to upload a photo image of the applicant? It should be quite easy for the ICA staff to use the appropriate software to zoom the image and crop it to the right size and position? They may even transfer the photo to the appropriate background.

As the ICA staff does it everyday, they should be able to complete the process within 2 minutes with the appropriate software. if the applicant has to submit the photo image in a form suitable for ICA to use, it could take a ordinary person (i.e. not a IT expert) at least half an hour. Reading the instruction would take at least 10 minutes.

Does ICA think about the wider community or just the cost of its own staff? ICA does charge $90 to issue a passport. Surely, they can afford to get a staff to spend 2 minutes to manage the photo?

ICA head - think of the community and not of ICA bottom line, OK?

Tan Kin Lian


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