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03 Jan 2020
Land Transport Authority
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Ban on PMD using the footpaths

The ban on PMDs using the footpaths is now fully implemented. A rider who is caught committing this offense will be punished with a heavy fine or jail sentence.

The riders who deliver food for a living now has to ride scooters or motor cycles on the road. Some of them are not familiar with these vehicles. A few fatal or serious accidents are likely to occur.

Some other delivery riders have to give up this occupation and forego the income from providing this service. They will be angry.

I expect problems to arise from this ban from the people who are affected. 

I think it was the wrong decision by the govt to impose the ban. They could have adopted other measures to ensure that the PMDs are used within a safe speed limit. 

Anyway, we will see what happens.

Tan Kin Lian


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