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30 Dec 2019  (636 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Changes in habits are need to make streamlining work

We need to streamline our bus network to improve efficiency and reduce operating cost.

We have to change the current network of 350 bus services. This is too many. We need to reduce it to 150 bus services.

Change is needed. For people who say that the current network should be kept, there is no way that streamlining can happen without change.

Another important feature of the change is the need to have an additional transfer in most cases. Transfers between bus services are easy as it occurs at the same bus stop.

Commuters are already used to make transfer from bus to MRT service, and that is much more inconvenient. It requires a lot of walking.

So, commuters should accept one more bus transfer to improve the efficiency of the bus network. Indeed, if the network is efficient, the travel time will be shorter. The fare will also be cheaper.

I do not understand why some commuters insist on keep a large network of bus services and avoid transfers, and expect the fares to be kept low. It cannot happen.

For streamlining to work, commuters must be prepared to change their habits. 

Tan Kin Lian

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