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30 Dec 2019  (630 Views) 
Land Transport Authority

Accident at Orchard Road involving pedestrians
Someone asked me if it is safe to walk along Orchard Road. He was reacting to the recent accident where a few pedestrians were injured, and two have died, due to the accident.

My answer is - of course it is safe. I do not recall many accidents happening in this manner in recent years.

We should not react to a single accident. Accidents happen from time to time, even when conditions are safe.

It is only when accidents occur more frequently that we need to pay special attention to any weakness in the road arrangement.

I also recall that there was a bad accident at Yio Chu Kang station a few years ago, where a lorry hit three pedestrians, causing their death. It did not recur after that.

Tan Kin Lian

Vote - this is just a single unfortunate accident.

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