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29 Dec 2019  (837 Views) 
Movement for change

Do not allow extreme caution to cause inconvenience
There is a tendency to adopt extreme caution to the extent that it cause inconvenience. We should adopt a more practical approach, rather than to be restricted unnecessarily.

I will illustrate my point with an example. 

I have been wearing a fitness band that is rated to be water resistant. The instruction manual said that I could wear it while taking a shower or while swimming. I did. It did not affect the band. 

Indeed, I wear it 24 hours a day and enjoy the convenience of being able to find the time in the middle of the night, or to be awaken by its vibration at the set alarm time.

I find this feature to be very important in making me choose this fitness band, rather than an expensive watch.

I have just obtained another fitness band that is provided by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) under the National Steps Challenge. This band is also rated as water resistant.

The instruction from HPB is that it should be taken out while showering or swimming. Most people would follow this advice. If the band is taken out, there is a likelihood that it will be misplaced or not worn back. It will not be worn "permanently". This will lose an important feature of the band.

I believe that the HPB band is as water resistant as the band that I am now using. The extreme caution given by HPB is probably counter productive. 

Anyway, I shall be testing if the use of the band while showering or swimming damage the band and if the "water resistant" marking is false.

Tan Kin Lian


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