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25 Dec 2019  (1070 Views) 
Movement for change

Two dirty words - tweak and calibrate
A few years ago, it was common to see the words "tweak" and "calibrate". The ministers used them almost every day. When they see any problem, they immediately think about how to "calibrate" and "tweak" the system to solve the problem.

It seemed that the only way to solve problems in Singapore is by "tweaking" and "calibrating". I see their statements so often that I felt nauseous when I encounter them. 

I know that the ministers are just parroting their puppet master. Guess who is the puppet master who just love "tweaking" and "calibrating"?

After I while, I got tired. I declared publicly in my Facebook and blog that these two words are "dirty words." 

I guess my strong words must have reached the ivory tower and must have caused some anguish among the occupants. 

Today, we hardly see these words. They must have been abolished from the vocabulary of the ivory tower.

Although these words are hardly used nowadays, the bad practice still continues. Our government policies are tweaked and calibrated to suit different groups of people. 

What is wrong with this approach? It leads to complications and unfair treatment of different groups of people. Some get the benefit, some do not. Some get more, others get less - depending on how the line is drawn. Now make a guess - who draw the line? The person who hold the drawing ruler probably has some vested interest. 

I prefer a different approach - to give equal treatment to everybody. Except for one difference. When it comes to taxation, the higher income should pay more tax (as they can afford it), but they should enjoy the same benefit given to everybody.

Tan Kin Lian


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