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24 Dec 2019  (739 Views) 
Movement for change

Improve communication with customers
Many organizations in Singapore have an inefficient way of communicating their customers.

I often get a call on my mobile phone from an "unknown number". It is usually a land line. I do not pick up the call, because it comes an an inconvenient time or it might be a marketing call that I wish to avoid.

On many occasions, it is from an organization that I have sent an inquiry. They called back to discuss the matter.

Why did they not tell me in advance, by a SMS, to expect their call at a certain time? 

After I failed to take the call, they sent a SMS to inform me that they were unable to reach me. Sometimes, they gave me a number to call back.

Guess what? It went to their call center. It was difficult to get through to a person. After that, nobody knew what the matter was about?

Why can' they give me the direct number of the staff who was trying to reach me?

Surely, they must know that they are giving a lot of trouble and inconvenience to their customers or the public?

Why are the businesses in Singapore so inefficient? Don't they make use of modern communication tools to improve their contacts with customers?

Tan Kin Lian

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