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24 Dec 2019  (881 Views) 

Goodbye to Digi
I have been using Digi for my data access in Malaysia for the past two years. I have been an active customer and has bought their data plan on many occasions when I visited Malaysia.

I will now be saying goodbye to Digi. I will not be using their service any longer.

While I was generally satisfied with the service provided by Digi, I wish to tell them about some negative points:

a) I bought a Digi SIM Card and paid RM 36 (not sure about the amount) to keep the SIM card active for one year. On renewal, they increased the fee to RM 120 (not sure about the amount) to extend the expiry by another year. This is a hefty fee.

b) If I do not extend the expiry, they will confiscate the balance in my account. What kind of business can confiscate money like that? They said that it is stated in their terms and conditions.

c) Each time that I reload (i.e top up) my account, they extend the expiry date by a week or a month. 

d) In the early days, I bought a plan for a week not realizing that it would auto-renew. The renewal fee kept being deducted from my account until it is depleted. I did not realize it.  I felt that this is another form of "cheating the customer".

e) The customer can cancel an auto-renew data plan. But Digi made it very difficult to locate the cancellation feature in their app. They hide it under Settings, Subscriptions. On a few occasions, I had to spent a lot of time to search for it.

I consider the above practice to be unethical, so I am glad to let my Digi SIM card finally expire. Digi kept asking me to renew it, but I ignore their message.  They have lost a good customer. 

To be fair to Digi, their practice is similar to many other mobile operators in Malaysia and Singapore. They are not worse off than their peers. But these practices "suck".

I will now be using AirSIM actively to get data plans outside of Singapore. They provide a SIM card that can be used to buy the local data plans in many countries.

Tan Kin Lian

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