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23 Dec 2019  (995 Views) 

Death of victim in Bukit Batok fire
I asked this question in a survey - who is responsible for the death of the victim in the Bukit Batok fire?

I got the following response:

a) the town council which failed to check that the water system is working - 59%
b) the MP for the constituency - 29%)
c) nobody, it is just an unfortunate accident - 7%
d) the SCDF which failed to check that the water system is working - 5%.

I voted that the fault lied with the SCDF. They are the professionals in fire fighting. They set the regulation on the required safety equipment that should be installed by buildings. 

Surely, SCDF should send in their experienced teams to check that the water systems are working soon after installation and at regular intervals?

It may be possible that the locks were installed by the town council (to prevent thefts) in between the regular checks by SCDF, in which case the town council should be held responsible. But I am not aware if there were regular checks by SCDF.

Tan Kin Lian

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